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8889 Form 2021

Form 8889—Health Savings Accounts is for reporting contributions made to a Health Savings Account. Use Form 8889 to report contributions, distributions, and figure out your HSA deduction.

You must file Form 8889 if you or your employer made contributions to an HSA on your behalf, received HSA distributions during the tax year, or acquired an interest in an HSA because of the death of the account beneficiary.

Having said that, if you made contributions to an HSA during the tax year and will claim the HSA contributions deductions, file Form 8889. But, what is HSA deduction?

The HSA deduction is considered as above-the-line deductions. So, you aren’t required to itemize deductions to claim this deduction. You will claim this deduction on Schedule 1—Adjustments to Income on Line 12.

Start filling out Form 8889 to include it in your federal income tax return.

Online Fill Out Form 8889

The above Form 8889 is completely free to use and can be filled out on a computer, tablet, or even a smartphone. However, this is only for those who are going to mail their tax returns. To e-file Form 8889, check the Free File Fillable Forms as it’s available there.

Start filling out Form 8889 for the 2021 tax season (for 2020 taxes owed) by clicking the boxes and enter money amounts. Once you’re done, download it as PDF and print a paper copy using the printer icon found on the top right.

How to Attach Form 8889 to my Tax Return?

There isn’t a specific way to attach tax forms and schedules to Form 1040. Like most people, you can staple it in front of your 1040 along with other tax forms that report income. You’re going to also attach Schedule 1 on your Form 1040 if you’re claiming the HSA deduction. The number of forms may be too thick to staple. Simply, include all of your tax documents inside a large enough envelope if that’s the case.

So, there isn’t anything special you need to do to attach Form 8889 to your federal income tax return. Learn more about other tax forms you may need to file a tax return from here.

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