Alabama Tax Free Weekend 2023 - 2024

Alabama is one of the few states with two free tax holidays, let alone one. While many states don’t have a sales tax holiday, Alabama has two – each covering different types of items. 

Each year’s first sales tax holiday begins on the last weekend of February for hurricane preparedness items and supplies. The second starts in the back-to-school season so that families can bring down the cost of the school supplies.

Here is everything you need to know about the Alabama sales tax holiday in 2024, which will happen twice; in February and July.

Severe weather preparedness – February

From February 25 to 27, Alabama will waive sales tax on the following items for up to the stated amounts per item.

  • Generators: $1,000
  • Supplies: $60

Additionally, you’ll be able to purchase hurricane preparedness items without paying a single dollar in sales tax.

Back to school season – July

From July 15 to 17, Alabama will waive sales tax on certain school items and the following items for up to the state amounts per item.

  • School supplies: $50
  • Books: $30
  • Clothing: $100
  • Computers: $750

Is my county taking part in the sales tax holiday?

Note that not every county takes part. You may need to go to the next county over to get the full benefits of the sales tax holiday. The Alabama Department of Revenue publishes the counties that are participating in the sales tax holiday. Even if your county doesn’t, state sales tax doesn’t apply anyway so that it won’t make a significant difference. Nevertheless, you can visit the Alabama Department of Revenue’s sales tax holiday page to see the participating counties.

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