Army Learning Management System or better known as the ALMS is web-based learning management system for the US Army members. The US Army members can use the ALMS to get the information they need for managing courses, lessons, and more. In this article, we will provide you with the general knowledge needed to use the Army Learning Management System.

How to login Army Learning Management System?

The easiest way to log in Army Learning Management System is through using AKO (Army Knowledge Online) or CAC. Upon logging on to ALMS, you can view everything related to courses you’re eligible to take part in.

Without a doubt, ALMS Army is one of the largest online training systems that Army soldiers and authorized civilians can use to get more professional at their jobs. Head over to the login page of Army LMS and use your AKO to log in. If you’re seeing an SSL certificate error, just proceed to the login page. The reason why you’re seeing certain security concerns on your browser is that the Army, like the other branches of the US Armed Forces, secure their websites themselves rather than securing the web-based systems through the traditional methods.

How to use ALMS as a civilian?

As a civilian, you can use ALMS to learn and get training but you must be employed by the US Army. Currently, about 1.2 million Army soldiers and civilians can use the ALMS. Out of 1.2 million individuals, only a fraction of them is civilian workers that can use the ALMS. To have access to not just ALMS but other web-based services of the US Army, you must obtain your log-in credentials. Since this can be done in multiple ways, it’s best to ask a superior about which method is the best for you to enroll in ELMS.

If you already have AKO or CAC, you can use either one to log in and use ALMS to join classes and use it for other things the online-based training and learning system offers.

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