Army BLC Class Dates

The Basic Leader Course or known as the BLC is the first leadership course non-commissioned officers take. This course teaches the Army members about leadership, training management, map reading, land navigation, drills, warfighting, and ceremonies.

In this article, we will go over the BLC as a whole and cover the upcoming class dates.

If you’re an NCO, BLC is the first leadership course you will take. This course takes about a month and takes place in the Academy. So expect to be in the Academy for potentially over a month during the duration of the course.

The Basic Leader Course is combined with field applications and classroom instructions. The students of the BLC must report one day prior to the start date. For example, if your course starts at the third day of November, you must report the second day before the BLC begins.

The class dates for the FY 2021 are as follows.

Class No.Start DateEnd Date
BLC 001-21October 16, 2020November 6, 2020
BLC 002-21February 5, 2021February 26, 2021
BLC 003-21March 5, 2021March 26, 2021
BLC 004-21April 30, 2021May 21, 2021
BLC 005-21June 4, 2021June 25, 2021
BLC 006-21July 8, 2021July 29, 2021
BLC 007-21August 6, 2021August 27, 2021
BLC 008-21September 9, 2021September 30

The report dates for the BLC is one day prior to the start date. Therefore, for the BLC 003-21, the report date is March 4th, 2021. If you have further questions about the BLC, you can contact the Staff Duty by dialing 1-804-873-5964.

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