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  • IRS Forms2848 Form 2021

    2848 Form 2021

    Form 2848—Power of Attorney and Declaration of Representative is the IRS form where individuals can authorize someone else to represent…

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  • IRS Forms5498 Form 2021

    5498 Form 2021

    Form 5498—IRA Contribution Information is given to individuals who have an Individual Retirement Account to report contributions. You can think…

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  • IRS Forms8832 Form 2021

    8832 Form 2021

    Form 8832—Entity Classification Election is the IRS form for eligible entities to set the tax classification for federal tax purposes.…

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  • IRS Forms2553 Form 2021

    2553 Form 2021

    Form 2553—Election by a Small Business Corporation is the IRS form that needs to be used by corporations or other…

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  • BusinessGS Pay Scale 2021

    GS Pay Scale 2021

    Office of Personel Management (OPM) issues the standard General Schedule (GS) payscale every year. Since the Federal Government is the…

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  • FMLADenied FMLA Leave

    Denied FMLA Leave

    Family and Medical Leave Act or better known as FMLA is the federal law that allows employees to go on…

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  • Property InsuranceLandlord Insurance Coverage

    Landlord Insurance Coverage

    Landlord insurance coverage is a type of property coverage. It comes with more than one protection including property and liability.…

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  • W-2 FormsW2 Form 2021

    W2 Form 2021

    Employers fill out Form W2, Wage and Tax Statement 2021 to report income paid to employees and taxes withheld. It…

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  • W-4 FormsW-4 Form 2021

    W4 Form 2021

    Form W-4– Employee’s Withholding Allowance 2021 is the form employees fill out to provide information about their taxes and income…

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  • IRS Forms8822 Form 2021

    8822 Form 2021

    Form 8822— Change of Address is the form that notifies the IRS with the change of your mailing address. There…

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