Colorado Special Event Tax 2023 - 2024

The Colorado special tax is a state sales and use tax. The tax applies to sales of tangible personal property and services, and it is administered by the Colorado Department of Revenue (DOR). As a seller, you must collect and remit all applicable taxes.

Generally, anyone making retail sales during a special event must obtain a Colorado Special Event Tax license. This includes vendors at a craft fair or other temporary retail events. However, an organizer of a special event may choose to obtain a license and collect state and local sales taxes on behalf of the sellers at his or her event. The organizer is then responsible for filing a return and remitting the collected tax.

These taxes are collected by the state and local governments. They include City (4.0%) and State (2.9%) taxes and applicable RTD/CD/FD service fees. For more information, visit the State of Colorado Department of Revenue Special Events Permit web page.

If you are participating in a special event, you must register in the sales tax portal and file a return for each event you attend. Returns are due up to 20 days after the event has ended, and late returns will be assessed penalty & interest. Be sure to take your role as a trustee of public funds seriously and be thorough in completing your special event tax returns.

Colorado Special Event Tax License

If you are a retail seller who makes sales at special events (such as craft fairs, art walks, festivals, holiday markets, antique shows, and garage/yard sales), you may need to obtain a Colorado Special Event Tax License. A Special Event Tax License is valid only for special sales events that occur no more than three times in a year and are not conducted at the seller’s regular business location(s).You can file your special event taxes online or on paper. If filing by paper, use the DR 0098 Special Event Sales Tax Return.

Special event sales tax returns are due up to 20 days after the end of the special sales event. Late returns will be assessed penalty & interest. It is important to be thorough when completing your special event tax returns so that the City of Boulder can accurately measure the economic impact of sales and use taxes.

For more information on special event taxes, please visit the Colorado Department of Revenue Special Event Sales Tax web page. If you have questions about applying for a special event tax license, contact your local sales tax office or the Department of Revenue at 1-800-352-9690.

How to Complete DR 0589 Special Event Application

How to Complete DR 0589 Special Event Application?

The process is simple, and you can do it online. You must complete the DR 0589 special event application and submit it with any fees required.

The first section asks you to list the name and address of your business/organization. In this section, you must include the city, state, and zip code. You will also need to briefly describe the type of business you operate.

In the next section, you will need to indicate whether you will be doing a single event or multiple events. You must list the dates and locations of the events in this section.

How to File Colorado Special Event Tax?

To file a special event sales tax return, visit the Department of Revenue’s online sales tax portal. Select the ‘Special Event Sales Tax’ option and follow the instructions. The first step is to add your identifying information and verify the address of your business. This information is necessary to complete the special event sales tax return and ensures that you are filing the correct tax rate.

Once you have completed the identifying information, you must enter the total sales of your products for the special event. Then, you must remit the appropriate amount of sales and use tax. Be sure to file your return by the due date, or you may be subject to penalty and interest. If you have questions, contact the sales tax division.

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