DA 71 Fillable

DA Form 71 fillable — Oath of Office is the Army personnel form that documents an officer or a soldier accepts a new appointment. The purpose of DA 71 is to allow a member of the Army to accept a new rank and take an oath. The form will detail what branch of the U.S. Army the office or the solder is serving and the type of oath.

One thing to know about DA Form 71 is that it may be legally binding once signed. Make sure to give a read to it before signing it.

DA 71 can be filled out online. It’s attached below. Click on the boxes to enter information. DA form 71 is mandatory to file. For the DA 71 to be officially complete, the administering officer must also sign the form.

How to fill out DA Form 71?

The above form is fillable online, meaning that you can fill out a copy of it online and print out a paper copy or download the edited form as a PDF file.

Whether you’re a commissioned officer or warrant officer, state whether you are in the:

  • Regular Army
  • Army Without Competent
  • Reserve Commissioned Officer/Warrant Officer

For commissioned officers, if you’re in the regular army, also indicate the branch you were appointed to.

You can then enter your full name, grade of appointment, Social Security number, and signature.

The officer that administers the oath also needs to enter these as well as the location of administration, date, grade, office of official administering oath, component, and signature.

Once every part of DA Form 71 is filled out, it’s official. For more information about DA Form 71, you can read the last paragraph under “For the Execution of the Oath of Office”.

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