FAFSA 2021/22 Dates

The Free Application for Federal Student Aid or shortly known as the FAFSA for the 2021/22 academic year be available starting from October 1st and will run through the end of the award year. You can get your hands on the 2021/22 FAFSA form as soon as this date.

As always, the award year will begin on July 1st, 2021 to be more specific. You can submit your FAFSA until the end of the award year which is 2021 in this case. While you can submit your federal application until the end of the 2021, you might want to prioritize your state application. That’s, of course, if you’re going to apply for a state financial aid program.

All states have at least one financial grant or scholarship but the applications usually close before the federal deadline. We suggest checking the deadline for the program you want to apply for before submitting your FAFSA. Since you will have time until the end of the award year, prioritizing the state applicant might be a better move.

Here’s another look at the FAFSA 2021/21 academic year dates.

FAFSA FormOctober 1st, 2020
Award Year BeginsJuly 1st, 2021
Award Year EndsDecember 31st, 2021

FAFSA Application Form Online and Printable

It is possible to submit FAFSA online and by mail. However, only one way is going to be more convenient and take less of your time. We suggest submitting FAFSA online as it’s going to take significantly less time to complete and less time for the Department of Education to process. With that said, submitting FAFSA online is a lot better and convenient.

Click here to log in with your FSA ID to submit FAFSA.

Need the paper FAFSA form? You can get it in both online fillable and printable from the link down below. Take note that you cannot enter the date and signature on this version of form on your browser. If you want to print out with those on it, you must use a PDF filler such Adobe Acrobat Reader.

FAFSA Form for 2021/22 Academic Year

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