File Taxes Electronically for Free

The tax season is approaching and from the start of the tax season to the last day to file taxes, you will have about two and a half months. That’s assuming that you won’t be filing an extension.

You can file taxes electronically for free through an IRS-authorized e-file provider to fulfill tax obligations easily and quickly.

While you also have the option to file a paper tax return and mail it to the IRS, it will take more time for you to prepare your return. This will also alter your refund, therefore, electronically filing is always the better option.

As for filing taxes electronically for free, your adjusted gross income is what will determine how to file taxes electronically. If your AGI is less than $72,000, you can file taxes for free and submit it to the Internal Revenue Service.

For taxpayers with AGI of more than $72,000, you can file tax forms electronically to fill out yourself and file to the IRS and print out paper copies to file to the IRS.

File Taxes Electronically for Free – AGI of $72,000 or Less

You can file and submit your tax return electronically through an IRS-authorized e-file provider if your AGI is less than $72,000. Along with the AGI requirement, there may be other requirements that the e-file provider has. The requirements are different for the majority of the e-file providers. For example, the AGI limit for e-filing taxes for free with TurboTax isn’t $72,000 and it comes with other additional requirements such as taking the standard deduction and certain tax credits.

You should take a look at what each e-file provider requires to file taxes for free and file through the one that you’re eligible for.

File Taxes Electronically for Free – AGI of $72,000 and More

The Free File Fillable Forms allow taxpayers to file and electronically submit tax forms. This is the only free file option for taxpayers with an AGI of more than $72,000. To get the best use of this free filing method, you should have information about the tax forms that you will attach to your federal income tax return.

Upon filing the tax forms, you can print out paper copies and use them to file a tax return.

Regardless of which method of e-filing you qualify, file taxes in the upcoming tax season for free to get your refund faster.

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