W-9 Forms

Form W-9

Form W-9 is used for providing taxpayer identification number of the recipient. It can also be used for requesting the taxpayer identification number of a business or an individual. It is commonly used by financial institutions and businesses to obtain TIN of the requested individual so they can meet their tax obligations.

Form W-9, Request for Taxpayer Identification Number is commonly used by contractors so they can provide their TIN to their payer. This is due to the IRS requirement that businesses must furnish individuals and businesses for miscellaneous income paid to them. For this, the businesses need to file Form 1099-MISC. In order to do so, they require the contractor’s taxpayer identification number. Read more to learn how to file Form W-9.

Printable Form W-9

The printable version of Form W-9 can be obtained from the IRS website. The printable Form W-9 can be used if you’re going to furnish the requester in person before or after the payment takes place. Since the information required on Form W-9 is very simple, it will only take you a couple of minutes to fill out. Because of this, the fillable version isn’t really something that you will need.

Scroll down below to print out Form W-9.

Fillable Form W-9

The fillable version can be used by individuals who are going to furnish their requester with Form W-9 via e-mail. Given you will need to print out, fill out, scan, and then send the Form W-9 in order for it to be in electronic format, it is simply too much work. We suggest just using the fillable version down below.

This will allow you to fill out Form W-9 online and download it with your information on it. From there on, you can then send it to the requester. If the requester requires your signature on Form W-9, you will need to use a PDF Filler to enter your electronic signature.

This—unfortunately—cannot be done online. For the Form W-9 to be filled out completely, you first need to get a PDF filler and create an electronic signature. The most popular PDF filler at the time of writing is Adobe Acrobat Reader DC. It is completely free to use and you can both create and enter an electronic signature on any PDF document.

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