1099 Forms

All Forms 1099 for your tax duties. Get Forms 1099-A, B, C, CAP, DIV, G, H, INT, K, LTC, MISC, OID, PATR, Q, R, and SA. Fillable and printable versions of each Forms 1099 is available to use.

  • 1099 Employee Form Printable

    1099 Employee Form Printable

    Employers who hire independent contractors and freelancers are required to report the income paid just like reporting wages paid and…

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  • 1099-NEC Instructions

    1099-NEC Instructions

    Form 1099-NEC – Nonemployee Compensation. Fill out 1099-NEC to report compensation paid to a nonemployee such as an independent contractor.…

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  • 1099 NEC Form 2021

    1099-NEC Form 2021

    Form 1099-NEC – Nonemployee Compensation is filled out for reporting payments made to nonemployees. If you hired freelancers or independent…

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  • 1096 Form 2021

    1096 Form 2021

    Form 1096 is the Annual Summary and Transmittal of U.S. Information Returns. Commonly used with Forms 1099 to report the…

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  • Timing of Payments for 1099

    Timing of Payments for 1099

    The timing of payments for 1099-MISC is simple. You can send each recipient of Form 1099-MISC with a single payee…

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  • 1099 C Form 2021

    1099 C Form 2021

    Form 1099-C—Cancellation of Debt is the tax form that reports canceled debt which is taxable in most cases. This includes…

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  • 1099 Form 2021

    1099 Form 2021

    Form 1099 is an information return that has plenty of variants. Each Form 1099 reports a different type of income.…

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  • 1099 K Tax Form

    1099 K Tax Form

    Form 1099-K just like the other variants of Form 1099 is used for reporting income. The 1099-K is used for…

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  • 1099 vs. W-2

    1099 vs. W-2

    Form 1099 and W-2 are used for reporting income paid to individuals and entities. While Form W-2 is used by…

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  • Form 1099-MISC 2020 Instructions

    Form 1099-MISC 2020 Instructions

    Form 1099 is one of the IRS forms that is used to report income other than wage, salary, and other…

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