GS Pay Scale 2021

Office of Personel Management (OPM) issues the standard General Schedule (GS) payscale every year. Since the Federal Government is the biggest employer in the country, all of its employees are getting paid based on this particular pay scale table. 2021 GS Pay Scale increase is expected to be around 1% but the official numbers have not yet been confirmed.

Trump Administration has proposed an increase of 1% of the base GS pay. Once the official numbers show up, we will share the details with you on our web site. The table will be going into effect in January 2021. Until that time, the standard GS pay scale numbers will be used.

Even though the socio-economic crisis that’s been going on for almost a year, The financial situation in the U.S. does not seem to go worse. The inflation rates stand still exactly where they are and there is also a high chance of no increase in GS pay at all.

The quarantine crisis and the upcoming global depression may badly affect the increases on GS pay. However, experts do not give this possibility a chance because the U.S. economy seems like it will stand it for short-term periods.

The locality changes affect the base GS pay for sure. The changes can be on a wide-ranged scale based on the pricing of the cost of living, foods, and etc. You can check the estimated GS pay scale numbers for the year 2021 in these tables below. These tables provide you the information on annual rates by grade and step.

Updated Pay Tables GS 1 to 15 Step 1 to 5

GradeStep 1Step 2Step 3Step 4Step 5
GS – 1$19,543$20,198$20,848$21,494$22,144
GS – 2$21,974$22,497$23,225$23,840$24,108
GS – 3$23,976$24,775$25,574$26,373$27,172
GS – 4$26,915$27,812$28,709$29,606$30,503
GS – 5$30,113$31,117$32,121$33,125$34,129
GS – 6$33,567$34,686$35,805$36,924$38,043
GS – 7$37,301$38,544$39,787$41,030$42,273
GS – 8$41,310$42,687$44,064$45,441$46,818
GS – 9$45,627$47,148$48,669$50,190$51,711
GS – 10$50,246$51,921$53,596$55,271$56,946
GS – 11$55,20457,044$58,884$60,724$62,564
GS – 12$66,167$68,373$70,579$72,785$74,991
GS – 13$78,681$81,304$83,927$86,550$89,173
GS – 14$92,977$96,076$99,175$02,274$105,373
GS – 15$109,366$113,012$116,658$120,304$123,950

Step 6 to 10

GradeStep 6Step 7Step 8Step 9Step 10
GS – 1$22,524$23,166$23,814$23,840$24,448
GS – 2$24,817$25,526$26,235$26,944$27,653
GS – 3$27,971$28,770$29,569$30,368$31,167
GS – 4$31,400$32,297$33,194$34,091$34,988
GS – 5$35,133$36,137$37,141$38,145$39,149
GS – 6$39,162$40,281$41,400$42,519$43,638
GS – 7$43,516$44,759$46,002$47,245$48,488
GS – 8$48,195$49,572$50,949$52,326$53,703
GS – 9$53,232$54,753$56,274$57,795$59,316
GS – 10$58,621$60,296$61,971$63,646$65,321
GS – 11$64,404$66,244$68,084$69,924$71,764
GS – 12$77,197$79,40381,609$83,815$86,021
GS – 13$91,796$94,419$97,042$99,665$102,288
GS – 14$108,472$111,571$114,670$117,769$120,868
GS – 15$127,596$131,242$134,888$138,534$142,180

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