Health Connector Tax Form

If you or anyone in your household had a Marketplace plan, you will receive a Health Connector Tax Form. This is also known as the Form 1095-A. Keep in mind you will not receive this tax form from the IRS. It will be sent by the Marketplace.

Generally, Form 1095-A will be mailed to you. This usually takes until the beginning of February. Since this is a tax form that you need to file your taxes with just like Forms W-2 and 1099, you must wait until you receive it to file your tax return. If you don’t want to wait, you can get it by logging into your account.

Content of Form 1095-A

The Health Connector Tax Form includes a lot about your Marketplace plan. This includes the premiums paid and the premium tax credits used. The most common use of Form 1095-A is to fill out a Form 8962. This IRS form helps you find whether the premium tax credit you used matches the amount you qualify.

Missing or Incorrect Information on Form 1095-A

This is a very rare occasion but sometimes the information on Form 1095-A can be incorrect. In this case, you should contact the Marketplace Call Center and let them know. From there on, the Marketplace will review your information once again and send you the correct Form 1095-A. Again, you must wait till you have the correct Health Connector Tax Form to file your tax return.

Filing Tax Return with Health Connector Tax Form

The only use for the Health Connector Tax Form is to fill out a Form 8962 accurately. This is the one and the only purpose of the Health Connector Tax Form. You will simply use it to file a Form 8962, the Premium Tax Credit tax form.

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