Highest Dividend Stocks

The highest dividend stocks as of now can be found in this article. See what stocks are going to return you the most for your investment. The higher the dividend yield, the more you’re going to get from the company you own the stock. The dividend yield refers to the dividend per share divided by the stock price and shown as a percentage for a better understanding.

The highest dividend stock as of now is the NHI (National Health Investors Inc.) with a 6.66 percent dividend yield. This means every $100 worth of your NHI stock would return to the shareholder $6.66 in dividends.

While this sounds good and all, the dividend yield is subject to change. The higher the stock price, the lower the dividend yield, and vice versa. This is a general rule known among the market. Therefore, an investor should always pay attention to the dividend yield of a company.

The top 10 highest dividend yield chart, thus, the highest dividends stocks is as follows.

1stNHI (NYSE)National Health Investors Inc.6.66%$1.15
2ndIBM (NYSE)International Business Machines Corporation5.59%$1.66
3rdPFG (NASDAQ)Principal Financial Group Inc.4.85%$0.59
4thOMC (NYSE)Omnicom Group Inc.4.47%$0.66
5thALE (NYSE)ALLETE Inc.4.45%$0.62
6thNWE (NASDAQ)North Western Corp.4.17%$0.59
7thEVRG (NYSE)Evergy Inc.3.72%$0.51
8thPNW (NYSE)Pinnacle West Capital Corporation3.69%$0.89
9thBOH (NYSE)Bank of Hawaii Corporation3.68%$0.64
10thMTB (NYSE)M&T Bank Corporation3.67%$1.09

Our list of the highest dividend stocks is constantly going to be updated for the remainder of 2024. As soon as the dividend yield of companies is announced for the last quarter of 2023, we should see both increases and decreases in the dividend yield of companies.

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