How to Apply for Medicare in Minnesota?

If you want to get Medicare in Minnesota, your first option is Original Medicare, which includes Parts A and B. So, how to apply for Medicare in Minnesota? Let's take a look.

Medicare is the United States’ federal medical insurance program for people ages 65 and older or who have a disability. You can enroll in the Medicare program at any time during your lifetime. Whether you qualify and when you can enroll depends on the kind of coverage you have or what you’re eligible for. The state of Minnesota has some of the nation’s most generous eligibility guidelines for Medical Assistance, or Medicaid, as it is known in other states. Applicants must meet specific income limits, and assets are counted differently. Countable assets include cash, investments and savings accounts (credit union, bank, and savings), IRAs and 401Ks, as well as personal belongings and your home. However, the value of certain non-countable assets, such as funeral and burial expenses, are excluded from the Medicaid asset limit.

  • You can apply for Medicare by downloading the Minnesota Health Care Programs Application for Certain Populations from the State of Minnesota website or at a local county human services agency. You can also apply for MinnesotaCare, or another publicly funded option if you are low-income and have no other options.

Minnesota Medicare Income and Asset Limits

A Minnesotan’s eligibility for Medicare is determined by several factors, including their income. In general, the income limit for most people is a few thousand dollars per month. However, there are exceptions. For example, people with a spouse or children can use their joint income to determine the limit.

A person’s assets can also affect their eligibility for Medicare. The assets of most adults are not limited, but parents and caretaker relatives have an asset limit. Generally, this is equal to the amount of their income after deductions. There are other rules for people with special needs, which vary by program.

Almost everyone in Minnesota is eligible for Medicare, and there are many options available to help pay for it. Knowing the cost and coverage details is important whether you choose Original Medicare, Medicare Advantage, or MinnesotaCare. You can find out about the costs of your options at MNsure. It’s also worth noting that Medicare Advantage plans have different provider networks, so you may need to visit doctors in your plan’s network.

Minnesota Medicare Advantage Plans

Minnesota Medicare Advantage Plans 2024

Medicare Advantage Plans provide a private insurance alternative to Original Medicare. These plans usually include prescription drug coverage and other benefits such as dental and vision care. They also offer flexible coverage, lower premiums, and predictable costs. In addition, they may allow you to see any provider in the network without incurring higher copays for out-of-network visits.

Most Minnesota Medicare Advantage plans include Part D prescription drug coverage. Those with Original Medicare can also buy standalone Part D policies or enroll in Medicare Supplement (Medigap) plans. These policies can cover some or all of the gaps in Original Medicare coverage.

Those with limited incomes can apply for Minnesota’s version of Medicaid, known as Medical Assistance. This program offers low-income adults and children a monthly premium and copays for health services. Applicants who have excess income can access a spend-down program, which allows them to subtract incurred medical expenses from their income.

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