How to attach tax forms and schedules?

How to attach tax forms and schedules to a federal income tax return? It depends on how you file taxes. The way you’re going to attach tax forms and schedules is different depending on how you file taxes.

If you’re filing your return electronically, everything will be handled by the e-file provider. So you don’t need to sort your forms and schedules for the IRS. However, you need to present the copies of your certain tax forms to the e-file provider. This is to make sure the data you enter on the tax software is accurate.

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On the other hand, you can attach tax forms and schedules to your tax return by stapling them. It should be done in front of Form 1040 on the upper right or left corner. Before you do that though, we suggest sorting out the forms and schedules in order. This make your tax return look a lot more professional and easier to process by IRS workers.

Although we suggest filing taxes electronically, there might be instances where you must file a paper tax return. For example, if your employer hasn’t furnished you with your Form W2 and you want to file taxes, you must fill out Form 4852. Since this form cannot be filed electronically, you must mail your tax return to the IRS.

Regardless of the reason you file a paper tax return, all the tax forms and schedules you use to file your return must be included. Stapling tax forms and schedules to tax return isn’t mandatory. As long as there is no missing documents, you’re good to go.

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All and all though we recommend stapling the documents to your tax return. Especially if you have many forms and schedules to attach to your tax return.

Note: Make sure to include every document in a single envelope that is large enough to fit everything. You shouldn’t fold tax forms and schedules in case your return becomes unreadable. Learn more about filing Form 1040 in 2021 with the instructions from here.

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