How to correct direct deposit with the IRS?

Taxpayers who select direct deposit as receiving their tax refunds get it faster than those who opt for check. What if the direct deposit information was entered wrong and how to correct it with the IRS?

There is no way for you to correct the direct deposit information on your submitted tax returned if it’s entered wrongly. The responsibility is in your hands upon entering the wrong account information. You can resolve this with your bank.

If your bank accepts the direct deposit even though it’s under someone else’s account number, you will need to contact your bank. It’s up to your bank from that point to freeze the amount of your refund from the recipient and transfer it over to you.

Take note that your refund may be subject to transfer fees if the bank transfers the funds to you. To avoid such occurrences from happening again, you can update your direct deposit information next time you file a federal income tax return or any other tax form that requires you to enter direct deposit information.

However, these mentioned apply if the IRS has already sent your refund. You can contact the IRS by phone to correct account number and routing number if your return is still in process. For individual and business taxes, dial either one of the numbers below.

Individuals: 1-800-829-1040

Business: 1-800-829-4933

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  1. need to change my bank account number on my 2021 income TAX. H&R Block filed electronic on 24 Feb. for Direct Deoosit.

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