How to early file taxes?

What’s the earliest day to file federal income taxes? The Internal Revenue Service starts accepting tax returns as soon as the tax season begins. The tax season usually starts on the last Monday of January.

Update: 2024 tax season will begin on February 12, 2024.

Those who want to file their taxes earlier than that can prepare their returns but must wait for the start of the tax season to submit their returns. Prior to the tax season starts, it isn’t possible to submit a tax return to the Internal Revenue Service. You must wait for the tax season to submit your return.

How to prepare a tax return before the tax season?

You can prepare a federal income tax return (Form 1040) at any time. The IRs won’t accept refunds until the start of the tax season but preparing your tax return before the tax season will allow you to submit your tax return as soon as the tax season begins.

This will make you one step closer to your tax refund and enable you to receive it at the earliest day possible. So you can file taxes at any time you want regardless of the tax season as long as you have the necessary tax forms to attach to your federal income tax return.

Upon filing your tax return, you can then check the status of your tax refund and know that you’re one of the earliest to receive a refund. File Form 1040 2023 and check your refund status using the Where’s My Refund tool.

Last Day to File Taxes 2024

Those who are late-filers should know about the last day to file a federal income tax return. Same as any other year, the deadline to file taxes is April 15. Although you can file an extension to get around this, you must still pay any tax owed by April 15.

Upon filing an extension, you will have until October 15 to prepare and submit your tax return. Make sure not miss this deadline as you will incur failure-to-file penalties.

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