How to Get an Idaho Seller’s Permit?

Most businesses that sell tangible personal property or provide taxable services must register for a seller's permit (or sales tax resale certificate) in Idaho. This includes everything from your local pawn shop to the online business you run out of your home.

The state of Idaho requires all businesses that sell taxable goods or services to obtain a seller’s permit, which is also sometimes known as a sales tax license, wholesale certificate, resale license, and more. This standard business license allows a company to collect and report sales tax on its products or services. It also gives the company the right to make tax-exempt purchases for goods or materials it intends to resell to customers, a key feature of most retail businesses.

Getting this permit is easy enough. Just head to the official government website and fill out the online application. Once you’ve done that, just hit the submit button and wait. If everything goes well, you’ll soon receive your permit in the mail. The rest of your job is to keep records, follow regulations, and stay up to date on changes in the laws.

There are some situations where you may not need a permit, such as if you have only two or fewer sales of taxable goods or services in a calendar year. However, you will need to get a permit if you have a physical presence or economic connection in the state (also known as nexus) through things like office space, employees, sales representatives, taxable merchandise, or property. This includes even renting out lodging through a short-term rental marketplace, so be sure to verify your third-party sellers are reporting sales taxes.

Idaho Seller's Permit Online Application

Idaho Seller’s Permit Online Application

You can apply for an Idaho Seller’s Permit online through the Idaho Business Registration System (IBR): Here’s how:

1. Access the IBR website: Navigate to

2. Start your application: Select the option labeled “I am ready to register my new business.”

3. Create an account: If you haven’t used the IBR before, you’ll need to create an account by clicking on “Create a New Account” and providing the required information. Remember your username and password for future use.

4. Choose the application type: Once logged in, choose the option “Sales and Use Tax” and then, “Seller’s Permit Application (IBR-1).”

5. Complete the online form: The online form will ask for various details about your business, including:

6. Submit your application: Once you’ve completed and reviewed the information, submit your application electronically.

7. Processing and Fees: There is no fee to apply for an Idaho Seller’s Permit, and you should receive your permit within 10 business days.

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