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I-9 Form 2020

Form I-9, Employment Eligibility Verification is a mandatory USCIS form that must be filled out by every employee. The 2020 version of Form I-9 can be obtained from the bottom of this page.

Form I-9 is regulated by the USCIS. It is used for ensuring the employee has the authorization to work in the United States and verifies identity. Once an employee fills out Form I-9, a series of documents must be represented to establish identity and work authorization. This must be done by every employee regardless of citizenship or immigration status.

If an employee doesn’t furnish Form I-9 to the employer, both parts will be faced with penalties by the USCIS. All employees must file Form I-9 and give it to their employer within three days of their hire. If this deadline isn’t met—during USCIS inspection—the agency may impose monetary penalties to the employee and the employer.

At the time of writing, the penalty for not filing Form I-9 ranges between $200 to $3,000. However, if Form I-9 is filed but there are technical violations, the USCIS won’t impose any penalties. The agency will simply ask the employee to file Form I-9 once again but correctly this time.

Form I-9 Expiration Date

Unlike other forms employees file such as Form W-4, the Employment Eligibility Verification isn’t updated every year. Simply because there is no need to. The sole purpose of Form I-9 is to verify the employee’s identity and work authorization. Since these cannot change over the years and there isn’t anything on the side that can affect the use of Form I-9, the USCIS doesn’t renew it every year.

However, Form I-9 is updated once every couple of years. The current version of Form I-9 will be available until October 31, 2022. With that said, the below Form I-9 can be used until then. After it is expired, the employee doesn’t need to file a new Form I-9. But, as an employee—if you switch jobs—a new Form I-9 is always a must.

Form I-9 Printable and Fillable

Those who are going to furnish their employer with paper Form I-9 can print out the document below and fill out on paper. On the other hand, if you’re going to e-mail Form I-9 to your employer or the Human Resources department of the company you’re working at, you need to file electronically.

Form I-9 can be printed out easily by clicking the print button on the top right corner. Since this version of Form I-9 is also online fillable, enter your information and click download. After downloaded, you can then enter e-signature. Without an e-signature, Form I-9 you completed won’t be valid. Because of this make sure you enter your e-signature. Learn how to create an e-signature on our homepage.

Current Form I-9

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