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  • Photo of PTIN Renewal

    PTIN Renewal

    Preparer Taxpayer Identification Number (PTIN) is the taxpayer identification number used by tax professionals. PTIN Renewal 2021 is open for…

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  • Photo of 990 Form 2021

    990 Form 2021

    Form 990—Return of Organization Exempt from Income tax is the tax return of tax-exempt organizations. Form 990 is filled out…

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  • Photo of 1031 Exchange Rules 2020

    1031 Exchange Rules 2020

    1031 exchange is the swap of an investment property for another. The 1031 exchange rules for 2020 and beyond can…

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  • Photo of 8938 Form 2021

    8938 Form 2021

    Form 8938—Statement of Specified Foreign Financial Assets is for reporting specified foreign financial assets. This tax form must be filed…

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  • Photo of 2848 Form 2021

    2848 Form 2021

    Form 2848—Power of Attorney and Declaration of Representative is the IRS form where individuals can authorize someone else to represent…

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  • Photo of 5498 Form 2021

    5498 Form 2021

    Form 5498—IRA Contribution Information is given to individuals who have an Individual Retirement Account to report contributions. You can think…

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  • Photo of 8832 Form 2021

    8832 Form 2021

    Form 8832—Entity Classification Election is the IRS form for eligible entities to set the tax classification for federal tax purposes.…

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  • Photo of 1065 Form 2021

    1065 Form 2021

    Form 1065—U.S. Return of Partnership Income is for reporting income, gains, losses, deductions, and credits. Since partnerships don’t pay tax…

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  • Photo of 8863 Form 2021

    8863 Form 2021

    Form 8863—Education Credits must be claimed if a taxpayer is going to claim Lifetime Learning Credit on their federal income…

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  • Photo of 2553 Form 2021

    2553 Form 2021

    Form 2553—Election by a Small Business Corporation is the IRS form that needs to be used by corporations or other…

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