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The Internal Revenue Service offers a wide variety of tools. These tools range from calculators to trackers to preparers. All of these tools can be found on the agency’s website and be used for free.

One of the most commonly used tools is the Get My Payment. This tool allows you to track the status of certain payments. It works similar to Where’s My Refund tool but excludes tax refunds. If you’re expecting money from the IRS other than a tax refund, you can use this tool to track the status of your payment.

For example, if you’re expecting a stimulus payment from the IRS, use Get My Payment to track your payment. To track the status of any form of IRS payment other than a tax refund, you must provide the following information on the tool.

Upon providing these on the tool, you will see the payments you’re expecting. This tool will display the current status of the payment you’re expecting. Take note that Get My Payment is updated once a day — usually at midnight. Because of this, checking the status of your payment once a day is usually more than enough.

Stimulus Payments

About the stimulus payments as part of the CARES (Coronavirus Aid, Relief, and Economic Security) Act, you will see the status of your cut using Get My Payment. If your payment status is displayed as Payment Status Not Available, it may be due to your tax return. If you filed your 2019 tax return and it hasn’t been processed by the IRS yet, you will see this as status.

Those who don’t have their bank accoutn information on the IRS databse will receive their stimulus payment as check but in the form of a debit card. However, this debit card will come in a plain envelope. This debit card is issued by the Treasury’s financial agent — MetaBank.

Once your debit card arrives, call 1-(800)-240-8100 to activate it. Upon calling, you will be asked to enter your card number, three-digit security code on the back of the card, and last six digits of your Social Security Number. Then, you will be asked to enter a four-digit PIN to use it in ATMs.


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