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Internal Revenue Service tax documents and forms. Get the tax forms that you need to file your taxes and perform your duties.

  • Form W4 Spanish

    Form W4 Spanish

    Form W4 Spanish, also known as Form W4 SP is the employee’s withholding certificate in Spanish. Employees can fill out…

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  • W7 Instructions

    W7 Instructions

    Form W7 is a simple tax form but can be confusing if you’re filing it for the first time. The…

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  • Form 2848 Instructions

    Form 2848 Instructions

    Form 2848 – Power of Attorney and Declaration of Representative is filed for authorizing an individual to represent the filer…

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  • 2553 Instructions

    2553 Instructions

    Form 2553 – Election by a Small Business Corporation isn’t a common tax form used by corporations often. In fact,…

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  • 8867 Form 2021

    8867 Form 2021

    Form 8867 – Paid Preparer’s Due Diligence Checklist is the tax form paid preparers must file to determine the taxpayer’s…

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  • 1120 Instructions

    1120s Instructions

    Form 1120S is an S Corporation’s tax return. This return reports the income, loss, and the dividends of an S…

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  • 1099 Employee Form Printable

    1099 Employee Form Printable

    Employers who hire independent contractors and freelancers are required to report the income paid just like reporting wages paid and…

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  • 1099-NEC Instructions

    1099-NEC Instructions

    Form 1099-NEC – Nonemployee Compensation. Fill out 1099-NEC to report compensation paid to a nonemployee such as an independent contractor.…

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  • 1099 NEC Form 2021

    1099-NEC Form 2021

    Form 1099-NEC – Nonemployee Compensation is filled out for reporting payments made to nonemployees. If you hired freelancers or independent…

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  • Where to mail federal income tax return

    Where to mail federal income tax return?

    Where to mail federal income tax return – Form 1040? Taxpayers who will submit their tax returns by mail must…

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