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Pay Taxes Online 2021

The Internal Revenue Service allows taxpayers to pay taxes online in two different ways in 2021. A taxpayer can either pay taxes online using a bank account or a debit or credit card. If paid with a debit or credit card, the payments will be processed within hours. If paid using a bank account, it will take up to two business days.

While you can pay the IRS directly using your bank account on Direct Pay, you must pick a payment processor to pay taxes with debit or credit card. On Direct Pay, you won’t be subject to any fees but since you will use a payment processor, you will have to pay processing fees. These fees range from $2 to about 2% of the amount paid — depending on what you use to pay taxes.

Pay Taxes Online With Credit Card

To pay taxes online with a credit card, you first need to choose a payment processor. There are three IRS-approved payment processors, each with a different processing fee. Here is the payment processor that is approved by the IRS and their fees.

Payment ProcessorCredit Card FeeDebit Card Fee
OfficialPayments1.99%$2.00 for payments under $1,000
$3.95 for payments over $1,000

Click here to select a payment processor and pay taxes using debit or credit cards. Upon paying taxes online with any of these payment processors, you will be given a confirmation number. Use this number to track your payment in the future.

Pay Taxes Online With Bank Account

Those who opt to pay taxes with their bank account must use the IRS’s own payment platform — Direct Pay. Paying taxes online on Direct Pay is completely free of charge and you won’t be subject to fees. However, it will take a little bit longer for your payment to reach the IRS.

Having that said, if your tax payment isn’t urgent, paying using a bank account might be a better option since you won’t pay any fees whatsoever. On Direct Pay, just like using the above payment processors, you can pay all kinds of taxes.

Go to IRS Direct Pay

On Direct Pay, select the type of tax you want to pay and proceed to select the tax year and forms that apply to your payment. Fill out the identity verification form to prove who you are and proceed to pay. Once you place your payment, you will be given a confirmation number. Use this number to track the status of your payment.

Note: If you pay taxes after 8 PM, your payment will begin processing the next business day.

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