PIV Card

The PIV card is a multi-function security credential that provides a variety of functions, including authentication, digital signature, and encryption. These services leverage separate certificates and key pairs that are stored on your PIV card.

A PIV card is a smart card badge issued to federal employees and contractors. It provides multifactor authentication to access physical facilities and IT systems. The PIV credentials contain four digital certificates and other security features like fingerprints. In addition, it also supports radio signals to open doors at government facilities and sign documents electronically. It is compliant with the FIPS 201 standard for personal identity verification of federal employees and contractors. Depending on the agency, the cards may be referred to as a credential, common access card, LincPass, or even a badge.

The BIE Personnel Security Office (PerSec) manages the PIV Credentialing Program in accordance with 2004 Homeland Security Presidential Directive 12. HSPD-12 requires all BIE employees and contractors who need access to government facilities or information systems to have a PIV Card.

How to Obtain a PIV Card

How to Obtain a PIV Card?

The process of getting a PIV card can take quite a while. You must go through several stages to get your badge, including identity proofing and background investigations (BIs). The Registrar is the person responsible for verifying identities and providing PIV issuance approval or denial.

New employees receive an email to schedule their fingerprinting, photo, and PIV issuance appointment. This is usually on Tuesdays. They will be asked to choose a 6-to-8-digit PIN and bring a photo ID with them to the appointment. The PIV will be stored in an electromagnetically opaque sleeve or holder provided at pickup.

The registrar will confirm your identify proofing and ensure that the initial background investigation (BI) is favorable before issuing the credential. You will need to present at least two acceptable forms of ID to complete enrollment. The documents must match the name that is entered into the USAccess system.

Can You Use a PIV Card to Fly

Can You Use a PIV Card to Fly?

A PIV Card is a government-issued identity credential that provides multifactor authentication to federal facilities and IT resources. It also allows for a digital signature and encryption of email and documents. PIV Cards can be used by both federal employees and contractors. The PIV Card is compliant with Homeland Security Presidential Directive 12 and the Federal Information Processing Standard.

A federal employee can use their PIV Card to get TSA PreCheck status, which will allow them to go through airport security faster. However, this will vary by airline. In addition, some airlines may offer special perks for federal employees, such as priority boarding.

The PIV Card is a government-issued identification card that provides multifactor authentication to federal facilities, IT resources, and online systems. It is also known as a Common Access Card (CAC), smart card, LincPass, or badge. It is compliant with Homeland Security Presidential Directive 12 (HSPD-12) and Federal Information Processing Standard 201.

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