Publication 4012 2023 - 2024

The VITA/TCE Volunteer Resource Guide, Publication 4012, is a guidebook used by VITA and TCE volunteers. This article covers an overview of Publication 4012, "VITA/TCE Volunteer Resource Guide."

Getting involved with the VITA/TCE program is a great way to help people. The IRS-sponsored program is free of charge and is operated by volunteer partners. Each year, thousands of volunteers help prepare millions of federal and state tax returns. There are many benefits to volunteering. Whether you want to improve your financial status or learn more about tax law, the VITA/TCE program is reputable. As a volunteer, you will get valuable experience and meet new people. If you are willing to be a volunteer for the program and don’t know what to do, check Publication 4012, “VITA/TCE Volunteer Resource Guide,” for everything you need to know about the program.

Publication 4012: VITA/TCE The Volunteer Resource Guide can be used as a training manual, a book for volunteers, or as an online test. A word search feature in the book can help you find topics. The online test has questions about the book, so you should read the book carefully before taking the test.

Other Ways to Know About VITA/TCE Program

Even though the Volunteer Resource Guide is the main source of information, there are other helpful sources. For example, the IRS Interactive Tax Assistant can help you figure out your filing status, the requirements for filing, and whether or not you need to claim dependents. A site coordinator’s handbook is also provided. Other helpful resources include Publication 1084 and Publication 4189.

All volunteers are required to complete training and take tests. In addition to these, the VITA/TCE volunteer must keep the information about taxpayers secret. This is achieved by signing a Volunteer Standards of Conduct Agreement. After all training and testing are completed, all volunteers will receive a certification.

Link & Learn Taxes, an interactive course that is available through the IRS, is a good resource for preparing for the VITA/TCE certification test. It includes sample test questions and exercises. If there are any updates to the program, these will be reflected in Link & Learn. Practice tests are also available.

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