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Tax Brackets 2021

The federal tax brackets determine a taxpayer’s tax rate. There are a total of seven tax brackets. In order, the tax rates are 10 percent, 12 percent, 22 percent, 24 percent, 32 percent, 35 percent, and 37 percent. These marginal tax rates have stayed the same for a long time but the amounts that make you fall into these will change.

Note: The IRS haven’t released the tax brackets as of now. It is expected that the IRS will publish the new tax brackets for the 2021 tax season in late-November to early-December.

The IRS renews tax brackets against changes to the cost of living and the inflation rate. Last year, the IRS increased the amounts on tax brackets by about 1.8%. This was also the inflation rate for 2019.

Other Changes in 2021

A similar increase is expected to happen for the 2021 tax brackets. Given the coronavirus crisis has affected many Americans, we may not see a significant increase in tax brackets though. In fact, it is expected that the IRS will bring changes that make Americans pay less tax when filing a tax return in 2021.

Since it is too early to tell what the IRS might do for 2021, we can only speculate. At the time of writing, the IRS hasn’t published the tax brackets that will be used in 2021. Usually, the agency releases tax brackets along with the standard deduction in late-November.

While we wait for the IRS to release the new tax brackets, there are notable changes to the tax code. All taxpayers will see the effects of these changes in 2021. For example, certain deduction thresholds have been moved up. This includes the qualifying medical expenses deduction which most taxpayers who itemize claim on their tax returns. Get caught up with the tax changes for the 2021 tax season from our homepage.

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