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Tax Deadlines 2021 – When are taxes due?

The tax season is ahead of us. Same as any other year, taxpayers have until April 15 to file and pay their tax returns. Although these deadlines can be flexible if the taxpayer files an extension, the payment deadline won’t change. With that said, all taxpayers must pay taxes by April 15 regardless of filing an extension.

In short, for individual income tax returns, the tax deadlines are as follows.

Tax TypeDeadline
Tax FilingApril 15 (October 15 with extension)
Tax PaymentApril 15

Other Deadlines for Taxes

While the individual tax filing and payment deadlines are simple, there are other deadlines that you might want to know.

Employers pay taxes by estimating how much they owe to the IRS. This is done with Form 1040-ES. This type of tax payments are done quarterly but the deadline isn’t the end of every quarter. For 2021, the quarterly estimated payment deadlines are shown in the table below.

1st Quarter
January 1 – March 31
April 15
2nd Quarter
April 1 – May 31
June 15
3rd Quarter
June 1 – August 31
September 15
4th Quarter
September 1 – December
January 15

There is also the case with the fiscal year taxpayers and farmers and fishermen. To see the deadlines, see Chapter 2 of IRS Publication 505. For most fiscal year taxpayers, the deadlines are:

  • 4th month of the fiscal year – 15th day
  • 6th month of the fiscal year- 15th day
  • 9th month of the fiscal year- 15th day
  • 1st month of the fiscal year- 15th day

For most farmers, if at least two third of the gross income for 2020 and 2021 is from farming or fishing, the tax payment deadline is January 15, 2022.

Tax Filing and Payment Deadline Postponed

To help Americans ease their financial struggles during the coronavirus pandemic, the IRS postponed the tax filing and tax payment deadlines for individual taxes and quarterly estimated payments. For individuals, the tax filing and payment deadline were postponed to July 15. The same happened for the first and second quarterly estimated payments. The IRS postponed both the first and second quarterly payments to July 15.

In addition to these, the IRS may postpone the filing and payment deadlines for the third and fourth quarters as we see a rise in the number of cases in many states. To catch up with the latest IRS updates, read more on our homepage.

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