Tax-Free Weekend in Florida

What can be purchased during Florida’s tax-free weekend? During the weekend, online purchases of items such as apparel, diapers, and computers are tax-free. In addition to emergency preparedness goods and children’s books, the weekend tax exemptions also apply to emergency preparedness materials and children’s books. Discover your rights and how to make the most of the tax-free weekend. Here are some other weekend activities in Florida.

Online purchases are permitted during Florida’s tax-free weekend.

Beginning in 2024, Florida citizens will no longer be required to pay sales tax on some purchases. During this state sales tax holiday, citizens can purchase a variety of items, such as children’s books, diapers, clothing, tools, and gasoline. In addition to these things, the state provides a number of other tax-free shopping opportunities, including one in July that features numerous cultural events. You can also purchase tickets to athletic events, movies, museums, and state parks during this tax-free weekend.

During the tax-free weekend in Florida, qualified apparel and school supplies are tax-free for citizens. There are more extensive sales tax exemption categories in other states, however, internet shopping is prohibited. As rules change over time, you must verify the current list of tax-exempt items with the state Department of Revenue. In Florida, online purchases of less than $100 are legal. However, if you want to purchase an expensive item, you may be required to pay sales tax if it costs more than $100.

Tax-Free Weekend in Florida

Computer purchases are permitted during Florida’s tax-free weekend.

During a sales tax holiday, state citizens can purchase certain things, such as computers and software, without paying tax. In Florida, computer purchases are often taxable, but in other states, they are not. Purchasing a computer for your child does not, however, allow you to purchase anything you choose. During tax-free weekends, Florida residents can make purchases of up to $1,500 without paying sales tax.
On July 25, the Back-to-School Sales Tax Holiday will return to Florida. Clothing goods valued up to $100, as well as bags and shoes, qualify. Certain products, such as school materials, diapers, and clothing for children under the age of five, will be exempt from the levy. Personal PCs with a price tag over $1,500 are ineligible. A variety of goods, including impact-resistant doors, windows, and garage doors, will be exempt.

During the Florida tax-free weekend, emergency preparation materials are exempt from sales tax.
The Florida Department of Taxation and Consumer Services (TDCS) has authorized an exemption for disaster preparedness items over the tax-free weekend of May 28-June 10, 2024. This implies that you are exempt from paying sales tax for non-electric food storage coolers, tarps, bungee cords, ratchet straps, and household pet supplies. In addition, any purchases made during Florida’s tax-free weekend are exempt from tax.

If you are interested in obtaining hurricane-preparedness materials, you have arrived at the correct location. The Florida Tax-Free Weekend of 2024 will feature a deal on disaster-preparation products. This holiday is designed to coincide with the beginning of hurricane season on June 1 and is comparable to the back-to-school sales tax holiday. There are smoke detectors, fire extinguishers, and carbon monoxide detectors among the emergency supplies.

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