Tennessee Property Tax

Tennessee has the 14th lowest property tax rate in the United States at 0.73%. This is the rate at the time of writing but new property tax rates for the Tennesse are in the talks.

As of now, those who live in the Urban Services District which Nashville, Knoxville, Johnson City, and Memphis pay about $3.15 per $100 of assessed value. The new plan approved by the Metro Council increases the property tax to $4.22. This would mean a taxpayer would pay over $4,200 in Nashville for a home appraised at $250,000 in an Urban Area.

If you’re living in Tennessee, you probably know that there are two main districts within the state. Depending on where your home is located, the property tax rate will be different. This will have a big impact on the new rates. The property tax difference between these two distinctive districts is slightly more than $1 but the upcoming increase will only broaden it more.

To understand the new rates more clearly and how it affects you, check whether your county is in an Urban Services District or the General Services District.

Urban Areas in Tennessee

CountyCityProperty Tax Rate (after the change)
DavidsonNashville$4.22 per $100 assessed value
ShelbyMemphis$4.22 per $100 assessed value
HamiltonChattanooga$4.22 per $100 assessed value
KnoxKnoxville$4.22 per $100 assessed value
MontgomeryClarksville$4.22 per $100 assessed value
RutherfordMurfreesboro$4.22 per $100 assessed value
WilliamsonFranklin$4.22 per $100 assessed value
Washington, Carter, SullivanJohnson City$4.22 per $100 assessed value
MadisonJackson$4.22 per $100 assessed value
SumnerHendersonville$4.22 per $100 assessed value
Sullivan, Hawkins, WashingtonKingsport$4.22 per $100 assessed value
ShelbyBarlett$4.22 per $100 assessed value

General Services Areas in Tennessee

CountyCityProperty Tax Rate (after the change)
DavidsonBellevue$3.78 per $100 assessed value
DavidsonHermitage$3.78 per $100 assessed value
DavidsonOld Hickory$3.78 per $100 assessed value
SumnerGoodlettsville$3.78 per $100 assessed value
RobertsonGreenbrier$3.78 per $100 assessed value
RobertsonSpringfield$3.78 per $100 assessed value
MontgomeryClarksville$3.78 per $100 assessed value
DavidsonWhites Creek$3.78 per $100 assessed value

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