Unclaimed Property in Alabama

The state of Alabama has approximately $1 billion in unclaimed property. These assets include money and items from forgotten bank accounts, utility deposits, insurance benefits and safe deposit boxes. The State Treasury is responsible for reclaiming these assets. The process involves filing paperwork through the Office of the United States Bankruptcy Court.

If you are the owner of a piece of property in Alabama and someone has left their belongings behind, certain guidelines must be followed to avoid legal complications. This includes waiting for a reasonable amount of time before claiming the items. This gives the rightful owner of the belongings a fair opportunity to retrieve their property and may help prevent disputes. It is also advisable to document the items thoroughly, including any attempts made to contact the owner.

Each year, financial institutions and businesses turn over unclaimed assets to the State of Alabama, which acts as custodian for these funds. These assets can include uncashed checks, utility deposits, securities, insurance benefits, and more. They are deemed abandoned after a specified period of dormancy, which differs by asset type. For example, traveler’s checks are considered abandoned after 15 years while money orders remain dormant for five years.

The state’s Office of Unclaimed Property oversees these assets and can be claimed by individuals. The process can take some time, but patience and persistence can pay off for those who want to reclaim their properties. In order to claim unclaimed property in Alabama, individuals must file a petition with the bankruptcy court and provide proof of ownership. The presiding judge will then review the case and determine whether the individual has ownership rights to the property.

How Do I Report Unclaimed Property in Arkansas

How Do I Report Unclaimed Property in Arkansas?

Businesses are required to review their records each year and report any unclaimed property they have discovered to the state. The state will then take possession of the property and try to connect it with its rightful owner. Failure to comply with the state’s reporting and escheatment laws can result in stiff penalties.

Holders must perform due diligence each reporting cycle by sending a letter to the apparent owner’s last known address. This must be done at least 180 days before filing the annual report. Keeping detailed records of this effort is crucial to demonstrating compliance with the law.

The dormancy period for a particular property type varies by state, but most states have a three-year dormancy period for financial accounts. After this time, the account is presumed to be abandoned and will be turned over to the state. If a person has multiple abandoned accounts in different states, the process of recovering them can be complicated.

How Do I Get Unclaimed Money in Alabama?

The Alabama Unclaimed Property Division offers a free service that allows individuals to search for unclaimed money in the state. To search for a claim in Alabama, an individual should visit the state’s official website and enter their information in the appropriate field. Once a claim has been submitted, it typically takes six to eight weeks for the Unclaimed Property Division to process the claim. Claimants can track the progress of their claim through the Unclaimed Property Division’s statue page using a claim number.


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