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W2C Form 2021

Form W2 C—Corrected Wage and Tax Statements is for correcting previously filed Forms W2. If an employee’s W2 includes incorrect information, the employer needs to file Form W2 C to make corrections.

Since what’s provided on the employee’s W2 is incorrect, you must file Form W2 C by the January 31st deadline. However, this comes with some flexibility. If you file Form W2 incorrectly without a fault of your own, the IRS may exempt you from paying late-filing penalties. The penalty can only be effective if Form W2 C is filed after the January 31st deadline.

So, there is no penalty for employers who file Form W2 C before the January 31st deadline. As long as Form W2 whether it be corrected or not is given to the employee before January 31st, the employer won’t be subject to penalties.

Form W2 C Instructions to File

There is no visible difference between Form W2 C and Form W2. The only difference is when filing Form W2 C and a W2 is you need to enter the information provided on Forms W2. Then, you will enter the corrected information.

Use Form W2 C to correct following Forms W2.

W2, W2 (AS), W2 (CM), W2 (GU), W2 (VI)

You can also use Form W2 C for a Corrected Wage and Tax Statement you’ve filed previously. So, use a Form W2 C to correct errors on another W2 C.

Note: You aren’t required to complete all parts of Form W2 C. Only enter the parts where you need to make corrections. For example, if you’ve entered the federal income tax withheld on Box 2 incorrectly but the rest of Form W2 is correct, only complete this part of Form W2. There is an exception to this though. If the corrections are related to MQGE (Medicare Qualified Government Wages), file the complete Form W2 G.

That said, filing Form W2 G shouldn’t take you longer than filing a Form W2. Same as filing Form W2 on Social Security Administration’s BSO, you can file Form W2 G. If you’ve filed a paper Form W2, you can go ahead and file Forms W2 G electronically. How you initially filed Form W2 doesn’t matter. For that, learn more about filing Form W2 and W2 C through BSO from here.

Fillable W2 C PDF

The below Form W2 C is for filling out online and printing out a paper copy to give to employees. This is not exactly electronically filing Form W2 C. For that, do it through an e-file provider or do it on Business Services Online.

Start filling out Form W2 C—Corrected Wage and Tax Statements by clicking the boxes you need to enter money amounts.

Enter everything you need on Form W2 C and save it as PDF for your own records. You can then print out a paper copy either on your files or by pressing CTRL+P if you’re on Windows or Command+P if you’re on macOS.

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