When is the next tax holiday?

The tax holidays are special days that the purchase of certain items up to a certain amount are sold without a sales tax. The tax holidays have nothing to do with the federal taxes as states decide whether or not to have a tax holiday. This is also known as the sales tax holiday. Generally, the tax holidays collide with the back to school season to help reduce the cost of shopping for school supplies. 

Since states decide on when to have a tax holiday, the dates are going to be different depending on where you live. Take note that not all states have a tax holiday. To know exactly everything about the tax holiday in your state, you can contact the tax department. 

Below, you can see the general tax holidays that are not related to the back-to-school season. Because back to school season is such a big deal regardless of where you go, we made a separate article about it. See the back to school season sales tax off and their details including dates, included items, and the maximum amounts. 

AlabamaFebruary 21 to 23Hurricane Preparedness Items $60
Generators $1,000
FloridaMay 29 to June 4Flashlights –$20
Batteries $30
Generators $750
MarylandFebruary 15 to 17Energy Star Products $500
MassachusettsAugust 15 to 16Any non-business items up to $2,500
MississippiAugust 28 to30Firearms and ammunition
MissouriApril 19 to 25Energy Star Products
TexasApril 25 to 27Generators $3,000
Hurricane Preparedness Items $75
TexasMay 23 to 25Energy Star Products $6,000
Refrigerators $2,000

The items that don’t have a maximum amount aren’t subject to the limit. So, you can purchase as much as you want from the stores as these items are sales tax exempt such as ammunition in Mississippi.

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