Where’s My Stimulus Check 2024

Where is my Economic Impact Payment? The Internal Revenue Service had already began sending out the third stimulus checks to eligible individuals and families. The third stimulus check has a higher amount but the income threshold has been reduced – maxed out at $80,000. Those who are filing taxes as a head of household also got another income threshold to watch for whereas it was included in the single income thresholds for the first two stimulus checks. The newly introduced income thresholds for single, head of household, and married filing jointly are as follows.

  • $80,000 for single filers (starts at $75,000)
  • $160,000 for married filing jointly (starts at $150,000)
  • $120,000 for heads of households (starts at $112,500)

The more your adjusted gross income is above the income threshold, the smaller the stimulus check gets until it completely phases out. You can get as little as $20 from the government as long as you made less than the designated threshold for your filing status based on your AGI. If you haven’t filed your 2024 tax return yet, the IRS will figure out the eligibility for the stimulus based on your 2023 tax return.

Track the status of my stimulus payment

Start tracking the status of third stimulus check.

The Internal Revenue Service has something for those who want to check their stimulus’ status. You can check your stimulus payment status by looking it up online using the Get My Payment tool. This tool works simply as you only need to provide it with a couple of basic information to verify identity. This includes the date of birth, SSN, and mailing address on the latest tax return. Upon entering these on the stimulus check look-up tool, you will know:

  • whether or not you will get stimulus
  • when your check was sent
  • when your direct deposit is due
  • bank account linked with the payment (last 4 digits)

While it’s easy to look up the stimulus status on Get My Payment, it can also be used for applying for the stimulus payment as a non-filer. If you’re checking it at a time where the applications have been closed, you might need to file a tax return and claim the associated tax credit with the stimulus payment such as the recovery rebate credit 2024. The tax filing deadline also has been postponed to July 15 along with the tax payment deadline. So you will find yourself having a lot of time to file your tax return but we suggest filing it as soon as possible to get your payment.

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