Arkansas Federal Odometer Disclosure Statement

If you are selling or transferring ownership of a motor vehicle, you need to complete the federal odometer disclosure statement. This is a crucial step to prevent odometer fraud and protect all parties involved in the transaction.

If you plan to sell or transfer a vehicle in Arkansas, getting an odometer statement for the car is important. This is a document that provides a record of the current mileage on the car, and it can help protect you from fraud and other violations. Odometer statements are typically required by law in many jurisdictions. In addition to the odometer reading, the statement must also include the vehicle identification number (VIN) and the name and address of both the seller and buyer. Some states also require a witness signature.

In the state of Arkansas, you must complete a federal odometer disclosure statement for each transfer of ownership. This document is typically provided to the purchaser by the seller at the time of sale or transfer. State and federal laws require The disclosure of odometers to prevent odometer rollbacks and other fraudulent activities. It is also an effective tool to avoid a dispute over mileage.

How to Create an Odometer Disclosure Statement in Arkansas

How to Create an Odometer Disclosure Statement in Arkansas?

To create an odometer disclosure statement in Arkansas, you must first enter the current mileage displayed on the odometer. You can also add other relevant information, such as the date of purchase or transfer and the VIN. Then, sign the statement using your computer or mobile device and print a copy for your records. You can also share the form with other parties via a link or email.

If you’re unfamiliar with odometer statements, several online services can help you fill one out. For example, pdfFiller offers a free tool that allows you to create odometer disclosure statements in any state. It’s easy to use and is completely compliant with key eSignature regulations. You can even use it offline and automatically sync up your document once you have an Internet connection again.

The penalty for filing a false odometer statement can vary by jurisdiction. Penalties may include fines and imprisonment. To avoid these penalties, compliance with all laws governing odometer disclosure statement requirements is essential.

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