Childcare Subsidy Program

Childcare subsidies help working parents and people in training or education pay for licensed childcare.

The Childcare Subsidy Program is a state-funded childcare assistance program that provides financial assistance to parents who need child care. A federal block grant program, CCDF funds states, territories, and Tribes to administer childcare subsidy programs for low-income families. Policies differ across States and Territories, and receipt rates vary.

Childcare subsidy program is available to families with low incomes and can cover a percentage of the cost of licensed child care. In some cases, it may be available for children up to age 19 who require special care because of a disability. It is designed to help working parents find a place for their children that is affordable and safe.

If a family meets income eligibility requirements, the child care subsidy payment will be made directly to the child care provider. If a family doesn’t meet income eligibility, they will need to pay a co-payment amount based on their household income. There are many childcare subsidy programs across the country. Each State has different programs and eligibility guidelines.

Some Child Subsidy Programs

Some Child Subsidy Programs

The income eligibility requirements vary by State, but most programs are based on the gross monthly income before any deductions are taken. You can use the income eligibility chart below to determine if you may be eligible for childcare assistance. Here are the examples of subsidy programs provided by some U.S. states.:

North Dakota CCAP: This program provides assistance with payment for child care on a sliding fee basis for eligible parents/guardians who meet income and household size guidelines. This assistance can be applied for online or at your County’s Human Services Zone office.

Colorado CCAP: This program helps to make child care affordable for income-eligible families who are employed or looking for employment and whose parents are currently enrolled in the Colorado Works program or other approved Welfare-to-Work activities. This assistance can be applied for online or in person at your County’s Social Services/Human Services office.

New York City: NYC Children EDU: This program offers childcare assistance to working foster parents with a minimum of two children under 12. If you are receiving prevention or protective services through the ACS Division of Child and Family Well-Being, your caseworker or case planner should submit a referral form to ACS’s Division of Child and Family Well-Being for approval.

Georgia: The Department of Family and Children Services (DES) offers childcare assistance to low-income families with young children. This assistance can be applied for online through Georgia Gateway — the only authorized website to apply for public assistance benefits in Georgia.

Michigan – The Child Development and Care (CDC) program provides financial assistance for child care to low-income families who meet certain income and household size guidelines. This assistance can also be applied for online through MI Bridges.

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