Tax credits reduce your total tax bill. Get to know the tax credits you can claim. If your tax bill is zero, a portion of the credit might add up to your tax refund. Find which tax credits are refundable.

  • Photo of 2441 Form 2021

    2441 Form 2021

    Form 2441—Child and Dependent Care Expenses. There is a tax credit for the expenses of the child and other qualifying…

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  • Photo of 8962 Form 2021

    8962 Form 2021

    Form 8962— Premium Tax Credit is the IRS tax form that is used for figuring out the premium tax credit…

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  • Photo of Itemizing vs. Standard Deduction

    Itemizing vs. Standard Deduction

    All taxpayers have two options when it comes to deductions. Either take the standard deduction or itemize. If a taxpayer…

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  • Photo of Earned Income Tax Credit

    Earned Income Tax Credit

    Low-to-moderate-income workers can reduce their tax bill and increase tax refund by claiming the earned income tax credit. The EITC…

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  • Photo of Child Tax Credit 2021

    Child Tax Credit 2021

    Other than the deductions you can claim on your tax return, there are tax credits that are way more valuable.…

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