DH 680 Form

Form DH 680 is the Florida Certification of Immunization, used for documenting receipt of immunization given to schools, daycare homes, and childcare facilities. 

Also known as a vaccination record, DH 680 is required for many schools and childcare facilities. Schools and healthcare providers have access to Florida State Health Online Tracking System (SHOTS). This is a free and statewide system that parents can print out paper copies of their children’s Forms DH 680 by entering the Personal Identification Number (PIN) issued by the healthcare provider. 

Since DH 680 isn’t a form that a parent can fill out, parents must obtain a copy of it through Florida SHOTS. Whether you’re a healthcare provider, school, or childcare facility, use the organization login ID, username, and password to have access to Florida SHOTS. 

How to obtain my child’s DH 680?

First and foremost, to get your child’s shot record, you must ask your healthcare provider to create one. After that, you will be given a Personal Identification Number to have access to it through Florida SHOTS. Once you get your child’s DH 680 as a PDF, you may not be able to view it right away on your device. This is because most Florida state PDF files run on Adobe Acrobat. 

DH 680 and COVID-19 vaccines

Now that everyone at the age of 12 and older is eligible for COVID-19 vaccines, the DH 680 record will show this on the records. That’s of course assuming your child over the age of 12 has been vaccinated against COVID-19. While most schools and childcare facilities don’t require COVID-19 vaccinations on children, some might. It’s good to talk about this with the institution that requires DH 680.  

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