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It’s safe to say that the current year hasn’t been so kind to Drudge Report. The biggest news aggregator, mostly followed by conservatives in the United States has already changed the title of the website from 2023 to 2024. If you’re expecting Drudge Report to cover news articles about the new year, you wouldn’t be surprised for that matter. Drudge Report 2024 is already covering new topics like the upcoming tax changes – including the tax hike – enhanced tax incentives, new proposed bills allowing the Internal Revenue Service to monitor bank accounts, and more.

While a new year is on the horizon and a lot is expected to change, one thing that remains the same about Drudge Report is the website’s look. It attains the same design and visual appeal it had back in the 90s, and Matt Drudge seems to be very persistent about it. The overall look of the website isn’t going to change in 2024 if that’s something you’re anticipating. 

Who is the new editor of Drudge Report in 2024?

Back in July, Drudge Report had a new editor, Charles Hurt. You might know him from his contributions to Fox News and Breitbart News along with his published work on Washington Times. He is largely considered a journalist leaning to the side of Republicans the most but maintains a very neutral point of view.

Browse news through Drudge Report

Although Matt Drudge still occasionally edits and adds news from the sources shared on the left menu, the majority of the work is done by Charles Hurt. Since he is no stranger to what the Republican audience reads, the Drudge Report clicks throughout the months hasn’t been affected by the replacement. That said, you can still count on Drudge Report in 2024 to deliver the kind of news articles you want to read. 

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