GS Pay Scale 2023 - 2024

Office of Personel Management (OPM) issues the standard General Schedule (GS) payscale every year. Since the Federal Government is the biggest employer in the country, all of its employees are getting paid based on this particular pay scale table.

The General Schedule (GS) pay scale is a critical component of the federal government’s compensation system, providing a structured framework for determining the salaries of its employees. This system governs the pay rates for most federal civilian employees, and it undergoes annual updates and adjustments to remain competitive with the private sector and to attract and retain top talent. In this article, we’ll delve into the various aspects of the GS pay scale, including how it works, the different grades and steps, the impact of location, and its applicability to new hires, experienced employees, supervisors, and managers.

What is the GS Pay Scale?

The GS pay scale is a system used to determine the compensation of federal government employees. It’s structured into grades, with each grade containing several steps. This system is critical in ensuring that federal employees receive competitive and fair compensation for their work.

How Does the GS Pay Scale Work?

The GS pay scale is primarily based on two factors: grade and step. The grade determines the pay range, while the step reflects an individual’s position within that range. As employees gain experience and tenure, they progress through the steps, receiving raises as they do so. Moreover, they may be eligible for bonuses and other benefits, including retirement packages.

GS Pay Scale by Grade

The GS pay scale consists of 15 grades, from GS-1 to GS-15, with GS-15 being the highest. Each grade corresponds to a range of pay levels, with GS-1 being the entry-level and GS-15 for senior positions. The pay increases as one progresses through these grades.

GradePay Range (2023)Pay Range (2024)
GS-1$22,780 – $29,738$23,311 – $30,453
GS-5$30,113 – $39,169$30,786 – $40,152
GS-10$50,759 – $66,246$52,037 – $68,078
GS-15$126,148 – $164,228$129,111 – $168,165
GS Pay Scale by Grade

GS Pay Scale by Step

Within each grade, there are steps that reflect an employee’s experience and time in service. As employees gain experience and time, they advance through these steps, earning higher wages.

GradeStep 1 (2023)Step 1 (2024)
GS Pay Scale by Step

GS Pay Scale by Location

The GS pay scale is also adjusted based on geographic location. Employees in areas with a higher cost of living receive higher salaries to offset these expenses. Below are examples of GS-10 salaries in different areas:

LocationSalary (2023)Salary (2024)
Washington, D.C.$68,078$70,028
New York City$73,020$75,303
Kansas City$58,616$60,383
GS Pay Scale by Location

GS Pay Scale for New Hires

New hires often enter the GS pay scale at the lowest step of the grade to which they are appointed. However, individuals with relevant experience or qualifications may negotiate for a higher entry step, which can significantly affect their starting salary.

GS Pay Scale for Experienced Employees

Experienced employees can advance through the GS pay scale by gaining experience and tenure, leading to raises and higher steps within their grade. This system rewards dedication and commitment to public service.

GS Pay Scale for Supervisors

Employees in supervisory roles, such as GS-13 and above, often have unique pay scales that reflect their additional responsibilities and leadership positions within the federal government.

GS Pay Scale for Managers

Managers, typically at GS-14 and GS-15, receive competitive compensation for their high-level leadership and decision-making roles. These positions often come with more substantial salaries and additional bonuses.

In conclusion, the GS pay scale is a vital component of the federal government’s compensation structure. Understanding its intricacies, including grades, steps, location adjustments, and its applicability to various job roles, is crucial for federal employees and job seekers looking to embark on a career in the public sector. The GS pay scale ensures that federal workers are compensated fairly, providing stability and opportunities for professional growth within the federal government.

Updated Pay Tables GS 1 to 15 Step 1 to 5

GradeStep 1Step 2Step 3Step 4Step 5
GS – 1$19,543$20,198$20,848$21,494$22,144
GS – 2$21,974$22,497$23,225$23,840$24,108
GS – 3$23,976$24,775$25,574$26,373$27,172
GS – 4$26,915$27,812$28,709$29,606$30,503
GS – 5$30,113$31,117$32,121$33,125$34,129
GS – 6$33,567$34,686$35,805$36,924$38,043
GS – 7$37,301$38,544$39,787$41,030$42,273
GS – 8$41,310$42,687$44,064$45,441$46,818
GS – 9$45,627$47,148$48,669$50,190$51,711
GS – 10$50,246$51,921$53,596$55,271$56,946
GS – 11$55,20457,044$58,884$60,724$62,564
GS – 12$66,167$68,373$70,579$72,785$74,991
GS – 13$78,681$81,304$83,927$86,550$89,173
GS – 14$92,977$96,076$99,175$02,274$105,373
GS – 15$109,366$113,012$116,658$120,304$123,950

Step 6 to 10

GradeStep 6Step 7Step 8Step 9Step 10
GS – 1$22,524$23,166$23,814$23,840$24,448
GS – 2$24,817$25,526$26,235$26,944$27,653
GS – 3$27,971$28,770$29,569$30,368$31,167
GS – 4$31,400$32,297$33,194$34,091$34,988
GS – 5$35,133$36,137$37,141$38,145$39,149
GS – 6$39,162$40,281$41,400$42,519$43,638
GS – 7$43,516$44,759$46,002$47,245$48,488
GS – 8$48,195$49,572$50,949$52,326$53,703
GS – 9$53,232$54,753$56,274$57,795$59,316
GS – 10$58,621$60,296$61,971$63,646$65,321
GS – 11$64,404$66,244$68,084$69,924$71,764
GS – 12$77,197$79,40381,609$83,815$86,021
GS – 13$91,796$94,419$97,042$99,665$102,288
GS – 14$108,472$111,571$114,670$117,769$120,868
GS – 15$127,596$131,242$134,888$138,534$142,180

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