How Do I Pay My NYC DEP Water Bill?

The NYC Department of Environmental Protection (DEP) delivers over 1 billion gallons of fresh, clean drinking water daily. DEP also treats wastewater, protects the City's waterways, and reduces air and noise pollution.

The NYC Department of Environmental Protection (DEP) manages and conserves New York City’s water supply. It delivers more than a billion gallons of fresh, clean drinking water each day to nearly nine million New Yorkers; and collects, transports, and treats 1.3 billion gallons of wastewater to protect the quality of the city’s waters. DEP also carries out federal Clean Water Act rules and regulations, responds to toxic materials emergencies, and oversees asbestos removal and monitoring.

Currently, DEP faces a growing receivable balance of water bill charges that are past due. This is threatening the operations and capital needs of a service that the City simply cannot afford to lose. The best way to ensure that your water bill is paid on time is to sign up for autopay. This feature automatically deducts your payment from your bank account or credit card on the due date each month. Approximately 100,000 of our customers are enrolled in this service.

How to Dispute a DEP Water Bill in NYC

How to Pay NYC DEP Water Bill?

To make a payment, you need your account number and activation token (available on your NYC water and wastewater bill). You may use a credit card or electronic check. If you pay by credit card, a 2.25% convenience fee will be charged. You can also view your account activity online.

DEP takes a proactive approach to water management, testing 1200+ samples monthly for bacteria, chlorine levels, pollutants, pH balance, and more. This is why NYC water bills are among the lowest in the nation.

As an added benefit, DEP customers who sign up for autopay can receive a $100 credit on their next bill. However, this limited-time offer is only available until Nov. 15. In addition, customers must agree to enroll in e-billing and receive a monthly notice that their payments are scheduled and paid. DEP also offers a Leak Notification program to alert customers of increased water usage that could be caused by undetected leaks on the property’s service line.

How to Dispute a DEP Water Bill in NYC

How to Dispute a DEP Water Bill in NYC?

If you believe your bill is incorrect, you can file a customer dispute form. These forms can usually be found online on the department or agency’s website. You must provide proof of your identity and account information, along with a detailed explanation of why you believe the bill is incorrect.

Owners of properties that are eligible for meter billing must facilitate access to the meters serving the property at least once every twelve months and on-demand when it is necessary or appropriate for DEP to inspect, test, repair, or replace a meter or remote meter reading device. Failure to do so may result in an additional charge for a denial of access.

If you have an outstanding water bill, the city of New York is offering a limited one-time amnesty. The program will forgive up to 100 percent of accrued interest if you pay your principal balance. However, if you do not pay your principal balance, DEP will terminate your payment agreement and begin collection enforcement.

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