Missouri Internet Installment Agreement

Most people know that the IRS offers payment plans, but less well-known is that the state of Missouri does as well.

The State of Missouri offers a tax payment plan for individuals and businesses that are delinquent on their taxes. The program allows taxpayers to pay off their tax debt in a set amount each month until it is paid in full. The payment plan is available for both real estate and personal property taxes. However, it is important to note that if you default on your tax payment plan, the state will take collection actions against you. To prevent this from happening, it is a good idea to speak with a tax professional to discuss your options.

The state also assesses a failure-to-pay penalty of up to 25% of the unpaid balance of your tax liability. This is in addition to a failure-to-file penalty of up to 5% of the unpaid balance. If you are unable to pay your tax bill in full, you can make advance payments online. You will need your social security number or business tax identification number, most recent tax notice (including PIN), and bank account information or credit card details to do so.

How to Request a Payment Plan in Missouri?

The Missouri Department of Revenue offers a number of tax relief resources for those who have past-due state taxes. Generally, taxpayers can apply, set up their accounts, and make payments completely online. It’s important to fully comply with the requirements of the MO DOR’s payment plans to avoid defaulting or facing collection actions. A tax professional can help you identify the best resolution method for your particular situation.

The state’s payment plan program is open to individuals and businesses that owe current-year taxes. Real estate and personal property taxes are eligible for a payment plan if the accounts are not delinquent. The state also waives or reimburses the user fee for low-income taxpayers who enter into a long-term installment agreement.

Interest charges are incurred on any unpaid balances that are not paid in full by the end of an installment agreement. The state has a minimum interest rate of 3% and a maximum rate that may fluctuate by year. The Department of Revenue may offer an Offer in Compromise (OIC) for those who cannot pay their state tax debt. This process takes into account a person’s assets, income, and future prospects before settling the debt for less than what is owed.

Missouri Internet Installment Agreement Application

Missouri Internet Installment Agreement Application

The state generally requires you to make payments through a direct debit from your bank account. You can apply online or by using Form 4338. This form is a concise one-page application that includes your name, Social Security Number, and contact information. It also requires your downpayment and the monthly amount you want to pay.

In addition to receiving notices through the MO CSIPW website, you will receive e-mail notifications from us about your payment plans. You must notify us if you change your e-mail address. By agreeing to this Agreement, you are granting the MO CSIPW and its Payment Service Providers authorization to automatically withdraw payments from your Bank Account or Card, as applicable.

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