Aetna Student Health Insurance

Many schools partner with Aetna Student Health to offer medical coverage for students. In addition to healthcare, these plans also cover therapy services.

Aetna Student Health Insurance Plans cover medical services, prescription drugs, and travel and accident coverage. The Aetna website offers many useful tools, such as a Find a Doctor tool that allows users to search for providers by name or specialty. The website also includes a Find a Pharmacy tool and an iTriage mobile app. The Aetna website also provides information about COVID vaccines, which are available free to students at in-network pharmacies. The Aetna website is easy to navigate and includes a helpful FAQs section. However, these sections largely focus on the logistics of managing your account. Aetna’s customer service representatives are also very helpful and responsive. They can answer questions via phone, email, or social media.

ACA and Aetna Student Health

ACA and Aetna Student Health

Aetna student health insurance plan is compliant with the Affordable Care Act. The plan provides coverage for illnesses and injuries locally and when traveling abroad. Students can also access a nationwide network of providers who accept Aetna. In addition, the plan includes a number of mental health benefits.

New incoming students will receive information about the Student Health Insurance Plan during orientation. Students may also sign up for the plan during open enrollment. The plan is mandatory for enrolled students, but you can waive the insurance if you don’t want to participate. You can do this by completing an online waiver in the fall or spring semester. The waiver is valid for the entire year.

Open Enrollment Period

In-network Aetna providers offer discounted rates on their services and are able to help you meet your deductibles faster. You can find a list of participating providers by visiting the Aetna website. The site will also provide you with information on why it’s important to use in-network providers when possible.

During the open enrollment period, students can change their health insurance plans within 31 days of experiencing a qualifying life event. This can include marriage, divorce, the birth of a child, or the death of a parent. Students can also disenroll from the plan if they are no longer a full-time student or graduate.

International Students Aetna

International Students

In addition to basic medical coverage, the Aetna student health plan offers several other benefits that are useful for international students. These include emergency medical evacuation and repatriation, natural disaster and political evacuation, and travel assistance. The Aetna student health plan also provides access to a nationwide network of doctors and pharmacies.

The Aetna student health plan offers a wide selection of in-network doctors and pharmacies that provide the best possible care. In-network providers offer lower costs for the same services as out-of-network providers. If a doctor or pharmacy is not in-network, you can still receive coverage for the service by requesting a pre-approval from Aetna.

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