Charity Mileage Rate 2024

Taxpayers can claim a deduction for operating a vehicle for a charitable organization. Though the standard rate is a lot lower compared to business, medical, and moving purposes, it’s better than nothing.

As of 2024, taxpayers that qualify can claim a deduction for up to 14 cents per mile driven.

Though it’s not directly related to mileage rate for charitable organizations, donating a car to charity gives a deduction up to the vehicle’s selling price.

Is the charity mileage rate updated?

The charity mileage rate isn’t updated for the 2024 tax year and won’t be updated for the foreseeable future. This is due to the law that goes around it. Congress has fixed the charity mileage rate and won’t be increased or decreased for this reason. 

Having said that, for the 2024 tax year and the future years, the charity mileage rate stays at 14 cents per mile. Whether you’re a charitable organization or offer your services to one, you’ll need to multiply the number of miles driven with 14 to determine the deduction amount in cents. You can then divide it by 100 to get the dollar amount. 

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