Fidelity 3 Fund Portfolio

Fidelity has different options when it comes to creating portfolios for yourself. A 3 fund portfolio is a preferred pick among investors. There are different strategies used by thousands of investors. You can pick the one that suits your interests and what you invest in the most. There are different options with a 3-fund portfolio. Here is the most common three-fund portfolio top investors utilize in their trading.

Equal Portfolio

  • 33% US stocks
  • 33% international stocks
  • 33% bonds 

20/80 Portfolio

  • 80% bonds
  • 6% international stocks
  • 14% US stocks

80/20 Portfolio

  • 64% US stocks
  • 16% international stocks
  • 20% bonds

There are many things to factor in with a three-fund portfolio. It’s also important to pick the right types of funds. For popular international funds, you can utilize Fidelity ZERO International Index Fund, for US funds, Fidelity US Bonds Index Funds, and for US index funds, Fidelity S&P 500 Index Funds are the most popular. Make sure that you’re utilizing the right types of funds to maximize your gains.

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