Formerly known as FDsys and GPOAccess, Govinfo is free U.S. Government information managed by the Government Publishing Office and complies with public law and Congressional mandates.

GovInfo is the new official website for the U.S. Government Publishing Office (G.P.O.), and it replaced FDsys. It provides free public access to official publications of the three branches of the Federal Government. This includes legislative, executive, and judicial publications that are submitted to G.P.O. in digital form, gathered from other Government websites, or created by scanning previously printed documents. The website combines modern search technology, extensive metadata creation, and a standards-compliant preservation repository. It also allows G.P.O. to securely manage the content throughout its lifecycle while ensuring that it is available for future generations, even in the event of system failure or technological change.

The site’s mobile-friendly design, easy-to-use navigation, and improved searching capabilities make finding the information you need easier than ever. It also provides a number of resources to help users navigate the changes, including F.A.Q.s, video tutorials, and a Frequently Asked Questions page. As a result of the transition to GovInfo, many FDsys links are now redirecting to the new site. As a matter of best practice, you should update your syllabi, lists of resources, and other links to GovInfo as soon as possible.

What Does Govinfo Include

What Does Govinfo Include?

G.P.O.’s GovInfo service provides free public access to the official publications of the three branches of the Federal Government. It combines modern search technology, extensive metadata creation, and a mobile-friendly website. It also includes a content management system and a standards-compliant preservation repository. In addition, it includes the application of digital signatures and a new innovative “Related Documents” feature.

The GovInfo collection includes both new and historical documents published in digital form or collected from other Federal websites. It includes PDFs, XML files, text files, images, and other content formats. The GovInfo collection is continually growing and evolving as new content is published and existing collections are redesigned.

Most of the content in GovInfo is in the public domain, meaning that it has been released into the public domain under 17 U.S.C. 105, which states: “Works of the United States Government are in the public domain.” In addition, many of the PDF files in GovInfo have been signed using G.P.O.’s digital signature tool. This means that the files are genuine and have not been modified.

GovInfo Features

GovInfo Features

One of the most powerful features of GovInfo is its advanced search capabilities. Users can perform keyword searches, apply filters, and use various criteria to narrow down their search results, ensuring they find the specific information they need.

 GovInfo allows users to browse through different categories and collections of publications. Whether you’re interested in congressional bills, federal regulations, or presidential documents, the website provides well-organized collections to facilitate easy exploration.

The website offers extensive metadata and APIs (Application Programming Interfaces) that enable developers and researchers to programmatically access and use government information. This feature encourages innovation and the development of new applications using official data. All content available on GovInfo comes directly from official government sources, ensuring its authenticity and accuracy. This commitment to verified content makes GovInfo a reliable and trustworthy source of information.


GovInfo is designed with accessibility in mind, ensuring that individuals with disabilities can easily navigate and access its content. The website complies with Section 508 of the Rehabilitation Act, making government information inclusive to all. In addition to current and up-to-date information, GovInfo also hosts a wealth of historic documents and publications. Users can access a treasure trove of historical records, including famous speeches, landmark legislation, and founding documents.

What Does GovInfo Cover

What Does GovInfo Cover?

GovInfo offers a vast and diverse collection of official government publications and documents. Some of the key categories covered on the website include:

1. Congressional Publications: GovInfo provides access to a comprehensive range of congressional documents, such as bills, resolutions, committee reports, and the Congressional Record. These resources offer insights into the legislative process, the activities of Congress, and discussions on proposed laws and policies.

2. Executive Branch Publications: The website includes publications from various federal agencies, departments, and offices within the executive branch. This category encompasses reports, studies, regulations, and other documents that provide valuable information about government activities and policies.

3. Judicial Branch Publications: GovInfo offers access to federal court opinions, decisions, and other judicial publications. These documents shed light on court rulings, legal interpretations, and precedents set by the judiciary.

4. Budget and Economic Publications: For those interested in fiscal matters, GovInfo provides access to the President’s Budget, the Economic Report of the President, and other relevant financial reports. These publications offer insights into the nation’s financial outlook and economic policies.

5. Legal Resources: GovInfo serves as a repository of essential legal resources, including the United States Code, the Code of Federal Regulations, and the Federal Register. These resources provide the laws, regulations, and notices that govern various aspects of life in the United States.

6. Public Papers of the Presidents: The website features the Public Papers of the Presidents, which include speeches, statements, and remarks made by the President of the United States. These papers offer a glimpse into the priorities and policy stances of the nation’s leaders.

7. United States Courts Opinions: GovInfo includes a collection of opinions from the U.S. Supreme Court, U.S. Courts of Appeals, and U.S. District Courts. These opinions are vital for understanding the legal reasoning behind significant court cases.

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