How to Pay a Water Bill in Chicago?

There are several ways to pay your City of Chicago water bill, including online and at many locations throughout the city.

The water system in Chicago purifies and pumps nearly one billion gallons of freshwater each day to the City and its suburbs. While many cities have meters for water usage, Chicago does not. This means that homeowners in Chicago pay for their water based on property size, location, and other factors. The cost of water in Chicago is significantly higher than in areas with meters, ranging from around $1,166 per month to about $670.

To make a Chicago water bill payment, you’ll need your utility account number and service zip code from your bill. You can also enroll in AutoPay to make automatic payments from your bank account. You can also check your balance and other account information anytime through the city’s utility billing portal.

Metered properties are billed based on actual water usage measured by their meter. Non-metered properties are billed based on water rates and a calculation of their expected usage based on building size, lot size, and the number of water fixtures. In 2022, on average, non-metered customers paid $500 more than metered customers for their City of Chicago water and sewer service.

The City of Chicago is one of the world’s largest water systems and provides safe, clean drinking water to Chicago and its suburbs. To help you manage your water costs, the City offers several programs that can help you cut back on your bills. These include rebates, debt forgiveness, and benefit payments toward your water & sewer bills for low-income households. Additionally, the City can waive some permit fees and provide qualified residents a free Equity Lead Service Line.

Chicago Water Bill Online Pay 2

Chicago Water Bill Online Pay

A Chicago water bill is a monthly fee that covers the cost of delivering safe and reliable drinking water to homes and businesses. The bill is based on your usage and includes a water-sewer tax. You can make payments online, in person, or at participating locations, including libraries and police stations. The city offers many payment options, and you can set up a payment plan if you have trouble paying your water bill.

Water bills are typically due on the 21st of each month and reflect water consumption during the previous month. The total amount owed is shown on the front of the utility bill, and it includes charges for supplying water, maintenance costs, and the sewer service fee. In addition to these charges, a customer’s bill may also contain late fees and miscellaneous water credits.

Chicago residents can pay their water bill online using the City’s new website. To access the site, users must provide their account number and service zip code. They can also sign up for autopay to save time and avoid penalties.

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