Highest Volume Commodities

A commodity is an economic good that has substantial or full fungibility that the market treats instances of the good as equivalent with no regard to who produced it. There are different commodities in the world and some have a higher volume than others. The highest volume commodities make up a large portion of the value in the world. Here are the highest volume commodities in the world as of 2024.

  1. Crude Oil
  2. Coffee
  3. Natural Gas
  4. Gold
  5. Wheat

The above list represents the highest volume commodities per commodity. Although these commodities have the highest volume, it’s better to look at these by a group rather than individually. The following make up the largest industries, thus, the highest volume commodities in the world.

  • Crude oil and its derivatives
  • Coffee products
  • Agriculture
  • Animals and animal products
  • Sweets such as cocoa, butter, orange juice and sugar

Where and how to trade high volume commodities?

While many major exchanges have commodities you can trade just like stocks, most exchanges focus primarily on a single group. In the United States, there isn’t a shortage of the commodities you want to trade. You can trade commodities in the New York Mercantile Exchange, Chicago Mercantile Exchange, Intercontinental Exchange, and Kansas City Board of Trade.

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