How to Get a Fishing License in Texas?

If you want to fish in Texas, you must have a valid fishing license. Otherwise, you could be fined. To avoid this, you should get one as soon as possible.

You’ll need a fishing license if you want to fish in Texas. Generally, anyone over the age of 17 will require one to fish in public waters, but there are a few exceptions. Those under the age of 17, residents born before January 1, 1931, and those with an intellectual disability may fish without a license. In addition, people with disabilities can fish license-free if they are accompanied by a family member or someone who is authorized to take them fishing.

Getting a license is easy. You can do it online, by phone, or at a fishing license retailer. You can buy a texas fishing license online or at 1,800 approved retailers. Generally, the yearly package is cheaper than a one-day license. Depending on the type of license you need, there may be an additional fee associated with it. You can also get a special license for veterans or those with disabilities, which requires proof of identity.

Several fishing license types are available, each serving a different purpose. The most common is the freshwater license, which is required for anglers in state-owned and operated freshwater areas. There is also a saltwater license, which is required for anglers fishing in saltwater areas. Finally, a Lake Texoma license allows anglers to fish in Texas and Oklahoma waters without requiring two separate fishing licenses. These licenses usually come together in a package, but you can also purchase them separately.

Texas Fishing License Application


First, you need to determine which fishing license type you need. There are two types: resident and nonresident. You can find out more about this at the Texas Parks and Wildlife Department website. Once you know the license type you need, select the “Start Shopping” button at the bottom. Then, input your correct information and click the “Checkout” button to complete the purchase.

Once you’ve completed your transaction, you can print out a temporary license for free. Then, wait for your official license to arrive in the mail. In the meantime, you can enjoy fishing at any of the state’s beautiful parks or on your own private property.

If you’re a resident of Texas, consider purchasing a lifetime license for your favorite lake or river. These are available for both freshwater and saltwater fish. The Texas Parks and Wildlife Department also offers a digital-only Super Combo license, which is a great option for anglers who don’t want to carry a paper license.

Texas Fishing License Requirements


Purchasing a Texas fishing license can be expensive, especially for nonresidents. But it’s worth the investment, as a Texas fishing license can help you keep track of your catch and enforce laws more efficiently. The state also uses different permits to raise money for projects throughout the year.

The Texas Department of Parks and Wildlife offers a variety of different types of fishing licenses and packages. These include an annual license, a lifetime resident package, and a combination salt/freshwater license. All these are valid from the date of purchase until August 31 each year. The cost of a lifetime resident package is $1,000.

If you’re a resident of the state, you can buy a fishing license at a TPWD office or in many retail stores, tackle shops, and gun stores. You can also purchase a license online. Online purchases are quick convenient and can be saved as a digital copy on your phone or computer for future reference.

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