Maryland Unemployment

Maryland unemployment insurance is given to employees who are not working or not working enough hours. Those who get MD Unemployment Insurance can also get PUA (Pandemic Unemployment Assistance) on top of what they receive from the state.

To be eligible to get unemployment from Maryland, you either need to not have a job or your work hours must have been reduced significantly. Due to this, some part-time employees are also eligible to get unemployment insurance.

However, if you work your regular hours, you won’t be able to collect unemployment whether you work remotely or not. The PUE and state unemployment insurance is only eligible to those with reduced income due to the loss of a job or reduced work hours.

Generally, those who are eligible for unemployment insurance would need to actively look for a job. This requirement has been lifted off due to COVID-19. Since all of us are advised to stay at home, going out, and actively looking for a job isn’t something that is really manageable. Therefore, all states, not just Maryland have lifted off this requirement from unemployment insurance assistance.

There are a few other things that may not allow you to collect unemployment insurance though. For example, if you quit your job, you may not be eligible for it. This varies from situation to situation. If you quit your job with no fault of your own, you should be eligible to get Maryland unemployment insurance assistance.

How to apply for unemployment insurance in Maryland?

There are several ways you can apply for unemployment insurance in Maryland. The most convenient way to do this is an online application. Although you can go to a Division of Unemployment Office at the Maryland Department of Labor, you may not find enough workforce to take care of your application. Besides, why bother when you can apply for unemployment insurance at the comfort of your home?

In one of our early articles, we listed the Department of Labor websites of every state. See here to find the correct Maryland unemployment office’s website.

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